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The Connection Between Jewelry and CAD Design June 10, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
The Connection Between Jewelry and CAD Design, Manhattan, New York

A piece of custom jewelry is something you can always cherish, and crafting it is no simple task. Jewelry design has always required care, diligence, and precision. However, in recent years, modern technology has made it easier than ever to get accurate designs. CAD designers provide the precision needed to create even the most complex pieces of jewelry. Learn more about how technology has changed the way jewelry is designed and made.

Your Guide to Jewelry Design and CAD

Understanding CAD Programming

Computer-aided design (CAD) is most popular in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, architecture, and commercial design. CAD designers first create a detailed three-dimensional design of a product on a CAD computer software. There are endless possibilities for the geometric shapes they can create, which can be designed to scale or to varying dimensions. The CAD file can then be transferred to a manufacturing system, such as a 3D printer, to create a perfect physical prototype of the design file.

CAD Jewelry Design & Benefits

cad-designersDue to its versatility, CAD technology has become extremely popular in the jewelry industry. Traditionally, jewelry was designed on paper with pencils and paints and then crafted by hand. However, CAD designers can first create an intricate 3D model of the piece through CAD software and then print the item. The capabilities of CAD offer sophisticated design options that can be easily previewed (through 3D printing or by viewing the piece inside the software), tested, and modified. It’s easy for jewelry manufacturers to return to a CAD file and make slight edits or new variations of the product. This approach has massive advantages for custom and wholesale jewelry alike. Overall, implementing CAD design in jewelry feature results in less turnaround time, lower expenses, and more options for manufacturers and customers.



For custom jewelry designed with CAD technology, go to Frank Billanti Casting Co., Inc. in New York, NY. Their CAD designers use the latest technologies to create intricate products and bring over 35 years of industry experience to customers. Explore their jewelry casting, model-making, and finishing services on their website. Call them at (212) 221-0440.

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