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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Vision Sharp July 9, 2019

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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Vision Sharp, Fairbanks, Alaska

Vision issues are common for many people. In most cases, you can improve yours with glasses. However, there are steps you can take to keep your eyes sharp. With a few lifestyle changes, you can give your eyesight a healthy boost to help ward off common eye diseases. Here’s a list of ways to care for your eyes.

How to Promote Healthy Eyesight

1. Stay Fit

Exercise impacts all of your body, including your eyesight. Staying fit fends off diabetes and other conditions that can create eye-related health complications. It helps you manage existing conditions like high blood pressure and improves blood flow in the small vessels in your eyes. One study found that moderate aerobic exercise can help retinal health. To reap these benefits, aim to fit five 30-minute workouts into your schedule every week. Remember to consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen to ensure it’s safe if you have health conditions.

2. Eat Well

glassesYour eyes need a constant supply of nutrients, and you can optimize your diet to provide them naturally. Vitamins A, C, E, and zinc contain natural antioxidants that can improve eye health and prevent conditions like macular degeneration. Carotenoids are other nutrients that help eyesight. To boost your intake of these, add plenty of dark leafy greens, eggs, carrots, peppers, and citrus to your diet.

3. Exercise Your Eyes

Some people who wear glasses find that eye exercises help relieve or prevent fatigue and strain. When you wake up, lightly press your closed lids with your palms to warm them up. Then, roll your eyes to loosen up surrounding muscles. Think of this as stretching, and do it after long periods of strain. You can also perform focus exercises to help combat blue-light induced headaches. Hold a pen at arm’s length, focus on it, then move it gradually closer. 


If you’re overdue for an eye exam or interested in getting glasses, West Valley Vision Center of Fairbanks, AK, can assist. These eye care professionals offer a variety of services ranging from general care to eye surgery and eye disease treatment. Explore glasses, LASIK®, and other offerings on their website, or call (907) 479-4700 to schedule a checkup. 

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