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4 Summer Car Care Tips June 18, 2019

North Madison, Lake
4 Summer Car Care Tips, North Madison, Ohio

Whether you intend to go on a road trip this summer or will simply use your car for regular errands, give the vehicle a little TLC. Summer-specific maintenance helps cars run when it’s scorching out to prevent untimely visits to your local auto repair shop. Use these tips to enjoy a functional car all summer long.

4 Car Maintenance Tips for Summer

1. Schedule a Tuneup

Request a tuneup with your auto repair shop at the beginning of summer to check the fluid levels and filters, ignition system, and belts and hoses. Healthy fluid levels prevent overheating, especially concerning oil and coolant. Motor oil keeps the engine lubricated and free of heat-generating, damaging friction, while coolant promotes proper heat transfer, lubricates the water pump, and protects the engine from corrosion, among other benefits. Ask for brake and alignment system checks with your tuneup for added safety and improved handling.

2. Check Your Tire Pressure Often

auto repair shopUse an inexpensive pressure gauge tool to check tire pressure about once a month. Hot weather weakens tire rubber, especially when they are under-inflated and make more contact with the warm road. Tire pressure can also change rapidly during summer, as warm weather causes it to increase, while parking in an air-conditioned garage causes it to fall.

3. Learn to Use the A/C Efficiently

Get your air conditioning system inspected for leaks, mold, and other damage by your local auto repair shop and take steps to use it as efficiently as possible. Maintain a low level of cool air instead of turning the system on and off to improve fuel economy — the unit gets its power from the engine. Keeping the temperature steady subsequently prevents extra engine stress and increased visits to the gas pump.

4. Prevent Drag

Improve summertime gas mileage even further by reducing drag. While it’s common to load the trunk with warm weather essentials for road trips, camping, and other summer events, the extra weight creates drag that taxes the engine and uses more fuel. Take everything that doesn’t need to be in your vehicle out to prevent this issue.


Schedule your car tuneup with Madison Muffler and Auto to prepare for summer. The family-owned auto repair shop has served Madison, OH, and the surrounding areas for over 50 years, providing oil changes, brake repair, and tire changes among many other services. Call (440) 428-2677 today to schedule an appointment or visit the auto repair shop online to request service.