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3 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Hot Pavement June 10, 2019

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Hot Pavement, 9, Tennessee

Though asphalt pavement is aesthetically pleasing and durable, it can get extremely hot during the summer. You may not feel the heat while you’re wearing your shoes, but the hot surface can burn your dog’s sensitive paws. Following a few simple guidelines when you take your dog outside during the summer will keep them safe.

Top 3 Tips For Protecting Dog Paws From Hot Pavement

1. Go for Walks Early in the Morning

During the summer, it’s best to take your dog out for a walk early in the morning, before the sun has had time to heat up the pavement. Late evening (after the sun has gone down) can also be safe, but the afternoon and early evening should be avoided whenever possible, as pavement will typically be hottest at this time. 

2. Stay on the Grass

pavementYou can protect your dog by avoiding walking on paved surfaces whenever possible. Instead of walking down the sidewalk, go to a shady park with lots of grass and tree cover. Walk beside your driveway instead of on it. As water evaporates from the grass and surrounding soil, it naturally stays cool and moist. Because of this, natural grass is even safe for your dog’s paws during the afternoon. 

3. Consider Protective Coverings

If your dog loves your driveway or you can’t avoid walking on paved surfaces, you may wish to invest in protective coverings for your dog’s paws. Specialty shoes and boots provide a protective covering that will prevent burns. However, shoes and boots should be removed once you’re done with your walk so your furry friend doesn’t get overheated. Paw wax can also provide protection against hot pavement when applied liberally to your dog’s paws before a walk.


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