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5 Ways to Tell When You Need Transmission Service June 12, 2019

Monfort Heights, Green
5 Ways to Tell When You Need Transmission Service, Green, Ohio

Issues with the transmission can be difficult to detect. However, catching them early and securing repairs are essential to preserving the condition of the engine. Here’s a list of the top signs that indicate when it’s time to consider scheduling a transmission service.

5 Signs of Transmission Trouble

1. Loud Humming

Any loud noises coming from the engine should cause you to immediately take it into a mechanic. This particular sound reveals that one of the transmission components is wearing out and requires a replacement to avoid further damage.

2. Changing Gears

transmission serviceIf the car seems to jump gears during operation and you have nothing to do with it, then it could be that the transmission is slipping. This means that the components are no longer able to hold on to a particular gear and are causing the vehicle to suddenly decelerate.

3. Foul Odor

A burning smell coming from the engine is not something you should overlook. While it could be any number of factors, this could also reveal that the transmission fluid is overheating. Taking it into the local auto repair shop as soon as possible is the simplest way to restore its condition.

4. Delayed Reactions

If you push down on the accelerator and nothing happens for a few seconds, then there might be a problem with the transmission. The engine will rev a little and act like it wants to go forward, but something in the system is keeping it from doing so.

5. Visible Leaks

Fluid on the ground is a surefire sign that there’s a leak in the engine. While it might not be from the transmission, it’s always best to have an expert look it over to determine the root of the issue to prevent the leak from getting worse.


Ensure that your transmission is in top condition for the season by reaching out to the experts at Jim's Auto Clinic. This locally-owned auto repair shop has been servicing the West Side of Cincinnati since 1974 and utilizes the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment. They provide timely oil changes and tire alignments as well as emergency transmission service and auto repairs. Each of their technicians is ASE-certified and provides the exceptional customer service that their clients deserve. For a full list of services, visit their website. Call (513) 662-6696 to set up an appointment.

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