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3 Ways a Pest Inspection Can Help With House Buying June 7, 2019

Milford, Miami
3 Ways a Pest Inspection Can Help With House Buying, Miami, Ohio

Buying a house is a big deal; between the financial obligation and the promise of building a future in this location, it is a significant investment. Once you find a home you love, it can be easy to rush into closing procedures to avoid losing the property of your dreams; however, without an inspection, you could find yourself needing significant repairs or bat removal soon after moving in. Below are a few ways scheduling an inspection to scope out structural and pest issues can help you while house buying.

3 Reasons You Should Schedule a Pest Inspection Before Buying a House

1. Gives You an Idea of What to Expect

Even though you hope the inspector finds nothing, you need to know what to expect before signing paperwork. If you know about a pest infestation, you can plan to eradicate it; however, if you are ignorant to an issue, you put your new purchase at risk for additional damage. Similarly, if an issue exists now, it could reoccur. During the inspection, look for entry points and nearby risk factors to decrease the chance of a repeat problem.

2. Allows for Negotiation Leverage

bat removalPest and bat removal will cost money, which should factor into your house buying budget. Since you won’t be able to live in the home until you remove the issue, it could use this as leverage when negotiating the final sale price of the home. Whether you argue for a lower price to give yourself room to pay for removal or convince the seller to arrange for pest control before closing, knowledge of an issue allows you to plan for it—and protect your budget.

3. Helps You Prepare for Removal & Restoration

Once you’ve determined whose responsibility eradication is, you can plan for next steps. This will likely affect closing, moving, and renovations. You can begin researching pest and bat removal companies to find one that suits your needs. Ask the inspector about the extent of the damages so you can begin planning to repair the affected areas. Some pest removal services will restore the affected area, which can save time and money.


If an inspector finds bats in a home that you love, don’t panic. Turn to Batman Enterprises in Mason, OH. Serving the Greater Cincinnati area’s bat removal needs, these experts will exclude the creatures humanely and clean up any leftover guano to remove any threat of harm. With 24-hour emergency response, you can count on them to remove a single bat or a whole colony from your property. Visit their website to learn more about their services, and call (513) 600-3079 to request bat removal.

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