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3 Tech Mistakes Every Small Business Should Avoid June 7, 2019

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3 Tech Mistakes Every Small Business Should Avoid, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

For small businesses, it can be difficult to justify investing in big purchases, like new computers, when you’re on a budget. Some of these investments, however, can make or break your company as you grow. With the right IT support, though, you can avoid these common issues with your business’s technology.

Tech Blunders Jeopardizing Your Business

1. Using Outdated Technology

Small businesses often believe they don’t need to buy newer versions of technology they already have. In reality, your company needs to upgrade computers every few years, even with a tight budget. Repairs on older products will cost you more than new devices in the long run. Also, aging computers cannot keep up with more modern cybersecurity threats because the old software is easily hackable. Keep your business running efficiently and without issues by switching out essential technology when your IT support team tells you it’s time.

2. Ignoring Cybersecurity

IT supportNo business is too small to be a target for hackers. Ransomware can hold your company information hostage until you pay the attacker a set fee. If this intrusion happens, you will likely go bankrupt because of recovery costs. Make sure you have IT support in place to avoid this issue. At the very least, you should have patch protection, firewalls, and antivirus software professionally installed. Your IT specialist can help you find ample protection that fits your business’s budget.

3. Not Investing in Backups

This additional layer of cybersecurity can save you if the worst happens. Backups will have your company’s data secure when a burglary, fire, computer crash, or cybersecurity attack occurs. Make sure you keep this safety net up to date with regular backups of your files. Your IT support specialist can help you complete this task with a remote backup, which stores your valuable information on the cloud. It is a convenient and safe way to have your business information stored.

At HBB Tech, we have not had a client suffer a data breach in nearly six years!

Avoid these basic tech mistakes with the help of top-notch IT support. Small businesses around the country trust HBB Tech with their cybersecurity concerns, from patch security to backups. Based in St. Peters, MO, this online IT solutions company will help you figure out what your business needs to stay protected against cybersecurity threats, all within your budget. For more information about their full range of services, give them a call today at (636) 542-8653 or visit them online.

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