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All Paths to Flowers Start at CitiFloral Websites August 9, 2015

Upper East Side, Manhattan
All Paths to Flowers Start at CitiFloral Websites, Manhattan, New York

Having an online catalog is all the rage and is one of the great marvels of modern technology for many flower shoppers. But, there are many traditionalists who would prefer to look at a printed catalog they can hold in their hands at home or work--or come into our shore to choose from the bountiful selection of flowers displayed at our store.

This is the dilemma we at CitiFloral had when we decided to go ahead with our first website, citifloral.com, eons ago. We wondered whether people would forego the traditional experience of being able to choose what they want in their flower arrangements rather than having to select pre-designed arrangements online. 

We now see that practically everyone likes visiting our websites to start choosing a flower arrangement  they want to order from us. And, we have made it easier for customers to select what they want by amassing a large and diverse catalog of online products. Which they can then select and either order online or by phone. 

Many traditional shoppers choose to place their orders on the phone that still enables their purchase experience to include the personal touch--which provides a comfort level that interaction with a machine can't.

However you prefer to order flowers from CitiFloral, the best place to start your journey is at one of our user-friendly websites:

citifloral.net - our very own unique website

citifloral.com - website affiliated with FTD-Interflora

citifloral.biz - website affiliated with Teleflora

citifloralbouquetdefleurs.com - French language website

Remember: All paths to flowers start at a CitiFloral website.

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