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What to Look for in Your First Apartment June 7, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
What to Look for in Your First Apartment , Cookeville, Tennessee

If you need to rent an apartment for the upcoming school year, you may be wondering what to consider when touring potential properties. Although everyone has unique needs regarding housing, there are a few qualities virtually all students should keep in mind when choosing a place to live. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind before signing a lease. 

3 Qualities to Look for in Your First College Apartment 

1. Convenience

Is the apartment within walking distance to class? If not, is it near a bus stop? And what about parking? If you’ve got a car, will you have to fight for street parking at the end of a long day? As long as the location is relatively close to your school, the precise location may not seem all that important. However, little conveniences like transit accessibility and off-street parking can make a big difference in your overall quality of life. 

2. Condition

apartmentHas the unit been well maintained, or is it in need of some TLC? Signs that the landlord may be relatively unresponsive when issues arise include leaking plumbing fixtures, damaged drywall, torn carpeting, and outdated appliances. You should also consider the condition of the neighborhood. Is it fairly safe? Do the neighbors seem quiet? Living next to students who stay up all night partying can make it hard to enjoy even the nicest place.

3. Affordability 

Is the rent reasonable? Will you be able to afford recurring monthly services like cable and internet in addition to the rent itself? If it’s your first apartment, finding a place that includes utilities will make it easier to budget every month. If you fall in love with a place that doesn’t include utilities, however, there’s no real difference—simply budget for the highest possible payment every month so you know you can afford it. 


When you start touring apartments for August or September, turn to Buckner Properties. Based in Cookeville, TN, this management company has a vast selection of rental properties available. From one-bedroom studios to three-bedroom condos to single-family homes, they offer places for every budget and lifestyle. To browse some of their listings, visit their website. Call (931) 526-2104 to discuss your needs with a member of their team. 

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