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Why You Should Schedule HVAC Service Before Summer June 12, 2019

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Why You Should Schedule HVAC Service Before Summer, Lawrence Park, Pennsylvania

When warm weather arrives, it’s time to crank up the air conditioning and cool down. But first, it’s essential to perform maintenance on your system to improve your indoor air quality and energy efficiency. A professional technician can perform HVAC service before summer arrives to make sure your indoor and outdoor units are clean, functioning correctly, and circulating fresh air. Here’s why you should schedule service soon.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance 

Save Money

Having your system inspected, cleaned, and serviced before the hot season can improve its efficiency, lowering your utility costs. It can also prevent summertime breakdowns and expensive AC repairs, which can be even more costly due to summertime demand. Additionally, a technician can identify and fix potential problems such as leaks in the ductwork before they escalate into pricier repairs. 

Breathe Easier

HVAC serviceIt’s important to keep filters clean year-round. In addition to lowering indoor air quality, dirty filters restrict airflow, which can cause greater wear and tear on your equipment. A technician can inspect your ducts for bacteria, dust, and debris and provide cleaning services if necessary. They’ll change filters, reducing the number of allergens in your home.

Stay Comfortable

When air conditioning systems run efficiently, you experience cooler air inside your home. HVAC service also helps the equipment operate more quietly and keep indoor humidity at a comfortable level, even when it isn’t high outside. If your system isn’t equipped to cool your house or business, a technician can recommend a better unit to improve your comfort.


Residents of Erie County, PA, can prepare for the hottest days of summer by scheduling HVAC service through Chuck Ollinger Plumbing and Heating. For more than 55 years, these family-owned air conditioning contractors have provided quality installations, emergency AC repairs, and routine maintenance. Their certified technicians are known for excellent customer service. Call (814) 899-2809 or visit them online to schedule an estimate today. 

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