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How to Prevent a Tire Blowout June 5, 2019

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How to Prevent a Tire Blowout, ,

Blowouts are a common occurrence, and they usually happen at the worst times. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to maintain your tires and prevent blowouts. Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe on the roads and avoid the need for new tires.

4 Ways to Protect Your Tires From Blowouts

1. Avoid Overloading 

Tires may blowout beneath the weight of your cargo, even when under capacity. This typically occurs due to the underinflation of tires, so fill them with extra air before hauling heavy loads. Additionally, double-check the gross vehicular weight rating to prevent overloading. 

2. Check the Pressure

new tiresGet into the habit of checking your tire pressure about once per month. Refer to your owners manual for the required PSI, and add air when the gauge reads below this number. Doing so will keep your tires from overworking and overheating, preventing blowouts. 

3. Rotate Regularly

Since tires do not wear evenly, some may become more vulnerable to blowouts than others. Getting a tire rotation will assist with more even tread wear and improve the life span of your tires. 

4. Replace With New Tires

As a general rule, tires last approximately six years, at which point they usually show signs of deterioration, such as brittleness, faded colors, or cracks. When they near or reach this age, go ahead and replace them to prevent blowouts. It’s also a good idea to get new tires when you notice low tread or balding.


The next time you need new tires, allow the team at Schaller Jacobson Collision and Automotive Repair to help. These mechanics also provide rotations, alignments, oil changes, brake repairs, and collision services to clients throughout La Crosse and Onalaska, WI. Call (608) 788-2545 to ask about new tire brands in stock, or visit them online to learn more about their wide range of auto services. 

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