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A Guide to Making Potpourri Out of a Flower Bouquet August 2, 2019

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A Guide to Making Potpourri Out of a Flower Bouquet, Port Jervis, New York

Flower bouquets bring vibrant colors and pleasant aromas to any space. Even when your flowers begin to fade, you can preserve their beauty and fragrance with a potpourri. This easy and inexpensive project is an excellent way to repurpose and recycle your bouquet. The following guide shows you how to make homemade potpourri in just a few hours.

How to Make Potpourri From Flower Bouquets

1. Gather Your Supplies

There are just a few materials you’ll need to prepare a potpourri. The primary ingredient will be your flower bouquet. Any blooms should work nicely, but particularly aromatic flowers like roses, sweet peas, and lavender stock are excellent options. Grab your favorite scented essential oils, a spray bottle, scissors, parchment paper, and a baking sheet. You can also add fragrant and visually appealing herbs, fruits, seeds, and spices.

2. Prepare Ingredients for Baking

flower bouquetsBegin by heating your oven to 200 F. Gather a few handfuls of petals or cut the stems of the flowers below the head. Slice fruits like apples and oranges into thin pieces, place the parchment paper on the baking sheet, and lay all of your ingredients on top in one flat layer. To strengthen the scent, spritz your ingredients with an essential oil and water mix.

3. Heat the Potpourri

After you pop your potpourri into the oven, be sure to check back on it every 20 minutes or so. You want the ingredients to be dry, but not burnt. This process should take about two hours. Once everything looks crisp, take the sheet out of the oven and spray the potpourri with more essential oils.

4. Display Your Creation

Once your ingredients cool, carefully mix them. You can place the final product in a satchel, but part of the charm of potpourri is its visual appeal. Find a shallow bowl, basket, or transparent jar to display your repurposed flower bouquet. If the scent begins to dwindle, simply freshen it up with your essential oil blend.



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