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3 Tips for Moving Within New York City June 10, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
3 Tips for Moving Within New York City, Manhattan, New York

New York City is a large, bustling city. If you are moving from one apartment to another within Manhattan, planning your move requires some unique considerations, as relocating with the city can have its challenges. Along with choosing quality movers, here are a few tips for moving in the Big Apple.

A Guide to Successfully Moving in NYC 

1. Hire the Right Movers

Look for movers with experience in New York City. They will understand how to handle planning and day-of complications. Some city-specific challenges include dealing with traffic, managing parking by the building, getting items into elevators, and maneuvering through small hallways. Plan to be available on your moving day so you can tell them where to place items in your new apartment; this will help them work as efficiently as possible. 

2. Choose a Smart Moving Day

moversPlan your moving day when there won’t be many other people relocating. Carrying your items up is easier when you have the elevator to yourself and aren’t trying to maneuver around others in the hallway. During the week is an ideal time to move, and avoid holidays or long weekends. Apartment buildings tend to be emptier during the week, but you should still start early so you’ll finish moving by the time rush hour begins.

3. Plan for the Weather

Weather in New York City can change from day to day. One summer day may be sweltering, while the next brings a rainstorm. You cannot predict the weather, but you can plan for it. Pack plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day, even if you aren’t doing the heavy-lifting yourself. Also, ask your movers about renting tarps so you can cover your valuables if it rains.


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