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A Guide to Depth Perception June 12, 2019

Residence Park, Dayton
A Guide to Depth Perception, Dayton, Ohio

Depth perception allows you to see three-dimensionally and judge distances. An eye exam can determine how well your depth perception has developed and if you need vision correction. Read more to understand how depth perception works and how it may affect your life.

What to Know About Depth Perception

What Is It?

Depth perception is the ability to judge depth and distance. Depth perception requires binocular vision, but it may be assisted by monocular cues such as motion parallax, or how objects move in relation to the movement of the head; interposition, or object overlap; and color and contrast cues that suggest distance.

How Does It Work?

eye examTwo-eyed, or binocular vision, allows each eye to see from different angles. The brain processes the information coming from each eye and forms it into one image—a process called convergence. If binocular vision is working as it should be, the brain can interpret the information, which is called stereopsis. Those that have vision in only one eye usually have to rely on other cues to aid their depth perception.

How Poor Depth Perception Affects Your Life

Someone may have binocular vision but still have compromised depth perception. Indicators may be learning difficulties or challenges with coordination or difficulty driving. An eye exam can reveal if vision is impaired. Causes of poor depth perception may be amblyopia, or “lazy eye;” strabismus, or when the eyes are not aligned and point in different directions; nerve damage, blurry vision, or trauma to one eye. An eye doctor can work with most of these issues to help restore or improve vision.


Depth perception allows you to judge distance, and impaired ability can affect learning and coordination. An eye exam can diagnose issues, so visit Eye Care Locale, in Dayton, OH, if you think your depth perception is lacking. Their team offers eye exams, glaucoma and cataract screening, diabetic eye care, and treatment for macular degeneration, dry and red eyes, and styes. Call (937) 222-2452 to schedule an appointment, and visit the website to learn more about services and insurance options.