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How to Prepare Your Cat for Boarding for the First Time June 6, 2019

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How to Prepare Your Cat for Boarding for the First Time, Royse City, Texas

Cat boarding is a lifesaver, particularly for busy families who are frequently on the go. That said, adjusting to a new environment can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for your feline family member. To ease this transition and ensure a successful first boarding experience, here are some helpful tips.

How to Prepare Your Pet for Cat Boarding

1. Bring an Adequate Supply of Food

Foreign food may also be off-putting to your cat, particularly if they’re used to a certain brand from home. To avoid any dietary issues and ensure they keep up a healthy appetite, bring your cat’s favorite food from home. Make sure to bring an adequate supply that lasts the length of their stay. Avoid switching your cat’s diet right before a new boarding experience, as this can disrupt the digestive process and make for a more challenging experience.

2. Pack Items from Home

cat boardingTheir first cat boarding experience will likely feel foreign or even overwhelming to your furry family member. To help your cat settle in and feel comfortable, bring some familiar items from home. These may include a favorite toy, cozy blanket, or other items that smell like home. These familiar objects can help put your cat at ease, so they can better acclimate to the new surroundings.

3. Handle Medical Needs First 

Before bringing your cat in for boarding, you’ll need to have them vaccinated. The rabies vaccine is required to protect the health of the other animals in the facility, as is the Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia (FVRCP) vaccination, which protects against airborne viruses. You’ll want to clearly communicate any of your cat’s medical issues and bring along the proper documentation as well. Also, take all of your furry friend’s medication with you so that the boarding facility can administer it as you would at home.


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