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Why You Must Recycle Used Batteries June 18, 2019

Harrison, Boone
Why You Must Recycle Used Batteries , Harrison, Arkansas

Used batteries don’t belong in the trash can. This is because they contain compounds that harm the environment. Battery recycling ensures these products don’t end up in landfills, giving them a new life instead. If you have batteries to dispose of, here’s a guide to why they require special handling and what to do with them to ensure they don’t hurt the planet.

What Happens When Batteries Aren’t Recycled?

Batteries contain many toxic elements, including corrosive acids and heavy metals. When these are introduced to the environment through landfills, they can kill local wildlife and plants, which impacts future generations. Discarded batteries also pose a risk of fire if they get too heated under the sun.

What Types of Batteries Can Be Recycled?

Battery RecyclingAutomotive batteries require special processing since they contain a high amount of lead and acid. To dispose of these, seek a specialized auto recycling center. 

Other types of batteries, including rechargeable and single-use products, can be sent to most recycling centers. Damaged batteries that are leaking fluids should be wrapped in plastic and clearly labeled, since these liquids may be flammable or toxic.

How Are Batteries Recycled?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has guidelines for battery recycling, since these are considered hazardous waste. Some centers offer mail-in or pick-up programs, which allow you to send pieces for recycling from the comfort of your home. They can also be dropped off at the battery recycling center, where they are then broken into smaller pieces and sorted into categories that include heavy metals, plastics, and lead. Plastic components are removed and washed to be made into new battery casings. Heavy metals and lead are also extracted and repurposed for new products. 


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