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3 Ways Music Can Help Children With Special Needs June 12, 2019

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3 Ways Music Can Help Children With Special Needs, St. Charles, Missouri

Music has a profound impact on the body and mind. It stimulates the senses, attaches to memories, and transforms your mood. Children with special needs require unique cognitive stimulation on an everyday basis, and music may be the perfect solution in classroom, personal, and social environments.

Positive Benefits of Music for Children With Special Needs

1. Nonverbal Engagement

Communication can be difficult for children with special needs, whether through physical limitations or social discomfort. Music alleviates this issue because it’s nonverbal. Children can engage by dancing, singing a simple tune, or creating sound on an instrument. There aren’t any rules, and they never have to use words. This can make interaction much easier and reduce stress in situations that children would often avoid, such as group activities.

2. Multisensory Stimulation

special needsMusic lovers know that a great song impacts more than just the ears. At times, it can attach to visions and smells, and when playing an instrument, there’s even greater sensory stimulation. This is especially beneficial for children with special needs who need to engage their senses. Playing an instrument is a tactile experience, ranging from holding it to the reverberations felt from striking a drum or plucking a string. It also stimulates the ears, and children will engage their vision to play music. All of this is processed in different regions of the brain, helping stimulate both hemispheres.

3. Emotional Expression

There’s no wrong way to create music, which is why it’s always been such a powerful vessel for emotional expression. This is difficult for many children with special needs. When they can’t communicate verbally, they can show their emotions through music. They may slam a drum especially hard when angry or frustrated or dance and sing happily when feeling good. Playing quietly may show withdrawal, while playing an instrument with others can show comfort and engagement.


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