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3 Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Workplace June 6, 2019

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3 Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Workplace, Jessup, Maryland

Conservation plays an important role in the workplace. Companies generate a great deal of trash, particularly from food waste and discarded printing supplies, and they also waste a lot of energy. Environmentally conscious practices let companies reduce their environmental impact while also lowering costs. There are many easy steps to take to work toward an eco-friendly office. By implementing the following habits, you can help your company make a positive impact.

Advice for Creating a Green Office

1. Watch Electricity Use

printing-suppliesEnergy waste is a leading source of unnecessary costs for many offices. Running equipment around the clock adds up, so it’s important to start making changes as soon as possible. Begin by turning everything off when you leave for the night. Post reminders around the office so employees are encouraged to follow suit. Make sure to turn off lights in conference rooms and common areas when they aren’t in use. Consider adding automated lights to bathrooms so they’ll only be on when someone is in there. Maximize natural sunlight wherever possible, and program machines to hibernate or use low-energy settings when not in use.

2. Recycle

Recycling is one of the easiest changes to implement. Start by purchasing the necessary bins: black for landfill, blue for paper, yellow for cans, and red for plastic. Post lists of recyclable items, such as printing supplies and food and beverage containers, above all communal trashcans. If your office uses a cleaning service, make sure they move recyclables to the proper outdoor bins on trash pickup day.

3. Choose Eco-Friendly Products

Examples of eco-friendly office products to start using include green printing supplies, recycled paper, and refillable ink cartridges. Reusable products and items those that have a low impact during manufacturing and post-use processing collectively reduce your carbon footprint. Use non-toxic cleaning supplies to protect the local ecosystem. You can also purchase fair trade and organic foods, teas, and coffee for the office.



Since 1989, Laser Line has provided eco-friendly printing solutions for businesses throughout the Jessup, MD. They understand the important role printing supplies play and are proud to offer managed print services. They also specialize in printer installation and repairs and are a proud provider of industry-leading brands like HP®. Call them at (410) 636-1700 or visit their website to learn more about the company. For news and updates, connect on Facebook.


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