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5 Important Details to Review Before Becoming a Pediatric Nurse August 9, 2019

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5 Important Details to Review Before Becoming a Pediatric Nurse , Suffern, New York

If you’re interested in contributing to the health care field as a nurse, serving pediatric clients can be a rewarding experience. However, since children have needs that are significantly different than adults, you’ll need to invest in a little extra preparation before pursuing this career path. To help you enter the field with confidence, here are five important points to know about becoming a pediatric nurse.

What Prospective Pediatric Nurses Should Know

1. Proper Training Is Essential  

Before you become a pediatric nurse, you must first complete training to earn your Registered Nursing degree. After getting your degree, you’ll need to pass a certification exam to receive your license. To increase your job opportunities and earning potential, it’s best to continue your education to focus on pediatric care or pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree to become a Nurse Practitioner.

2. Specialization Is Possible

pediatric nurseWhile all pediatric nurses can provide general medical assistance to children, it’s possible to branch out and specialize in different areas of care. For example, individuals who care for children with cancer tend to have additional oncology training. Others specialized areas of care can include those that address disabilities, diabetes, and respiratory disorders.

3. Kid-Friendly Attitudes Go a Long Way

No matter who you’re treating, it’s always important to practice patience and compassion. But when you’re working with kids, it’s especially important to adjust to an age-appropriate attitude. By explaining problems simply and putting forth a positive state-of-mind, you can help your patient feel more engaged, empowered, and supported.  

4. Treating Kids Means Helping Families

When you’re treating a child, you will likely also interact with their parents or guardians. Since pediatric illness can be an overwhelming subject, it’s important to approach families with the same compassion you’d provide your patient.

5. There Are Different Work Environments

Prospective pediatric nurses often envision themselves working in a hospital or doctor’s office environment. However, there are many other work options out there. For example, if you prefer one-on-one interactions, you might consider pediatric home care.


Becoming a pediatric nurse is full of many unique and satisfying challenges, but finding a job never has to be one of them. At J&D Ultracare, we offer comprehensive employment opportunities for children’s in-home nurses throughout the Bronx and Hudson Valley, NY, regions, including Westchester, Monroe, and Orange counties. With employee happiness as a top priority, our team strives to offer many advantageous perks—including flexible scheduling, continuing education opportunities, retirement benefits, health insurance, and competitive pay.  If you’re curious about our job openings, visit our website or call (845) 357-4500.