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How to Empty a Loved One's Home Without Getting Stressed June 12, 2019

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How to Empty a Loved One's Home Without Getting Stressed, Lake Katrine, New York

After dealing with a loss, emptying a loved one’s home can be physically and emotionally draining. However, in addition to asking friends for help, there are a variety of ways to make estate cleanouts easier. Here are a few tips to get started. 

3 Tips for Handling an Estate Cleanout

1. Set Reasonable Goals

Setting realistic goals is the first step to motivating yourself. Choose a specific completion date to create a sense of urgency and keep you on track. Set daily goals—one room at a time—to make the process more manageable. If you keep seeing progress, no matter how little, then you will be more likely to stay motivated.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

estate cleanoutsAsk family or friends for help with sorting through paperwork, choosing items to keep, and packing up. They can help speed up the process while providing companionship during this trying time. Get started with organizing and sorting items into categories, then assign one to two people to handle each pile.

Make separate piles for items that can be donated or sold, essential documents, items to keep, and trash. Next, decide which memorabilia you want to keep, taking into consideration family members who see them as tangible links to departed loved ones. Hire an estate appraiser who can determine which items are valuable enough to sell. Donate items that family members decide not to keep. 

3. Save Financial Documents

Among the documents that you should locate and retain include real estate deeds, trusts, wills, life insurance policies, stock certificates, bank statements, tax returns, and other vital receipts or invoices. You’ll need them when the time comes to take care of your loved one’s bills, income tax returns, and other financial affairs. 


When you need help with an estate cleanout, contact Bill's Junk Be Gone in the Hudson Valley, NY, area. They are dependable, punctual, and caring. This locally owned company will remove your unwanted items quickly and efficiently. Call them today at (845) 389-2969, or visit them online to learn more about their estate cleanout services. 

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