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Should My New Computer Be a Mac or PC? June 12, 2019

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Should My New Computer Be a Mac or PC?, Fairbanks, Alaska

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when you start shopping for a new computer. Some of your loved ones may tout the benefits of Macs, while others say PCs are the only way to go. Both options offer similar interfaces, virtual assistants, and applications, but some features and specifications are different. To help you decide what machine is best for your needs, here’s a guide to both types.

Macintosh Vs. PC


new computersApple is known for its sleek, high-end laptop designs. Their slimmest option, for example, weighs a little over 2 pounds. 

On the other hand, PCs are made by 11 manufacturers. Every brand has different designs and offerings, giving you more flexibility to customize your computer. For example, you can find an Acer laptop with a 15-inch screen that weighs slightly over 5 pounds, or choose a smaller HP laptop that weighs only 4 pounds. Both would run on the same system.


Apple has worked with Microsoft to add Office Suite to its computers, but Macs don’t have as much software developed for their operating systems as PCs. For example, while Apple can support games such as World of Warcraft® and Civilization®, there are many more that run only on PC. If you are a regular gamer, a PC may give you more options.

Both systems include applications like calendars, calculators, photo editors, and screenshot tools. However, Macs come with media apps for music streaming, composing, and video editing. If you often edit media, Macs may be the way to go.


You can find high-end PC products that come with additional features, like improved third-party device compatibility, but PCs are traditionally less expensive. While you can find their new computers in the low hundreds, Apple devices may cost over $1,000.


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