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How to Survive the Spring Allergy Season June 6, 2019

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How to Survive the Spring Allergy Season, Harrison, Arkansas

Even though summer’s almost here, spring allergies aren’t leaving anytime soon. If you have seasonal allergies, this time of year can mean coughing, sneezing, and stocking up on allergy medicine at your local pharmacy. Here’s some handy advice for coping with springtime allergies.

Managing Springtime Allergies

Why Allergies Spike in Spring

When the weather gets warmer in early spring, plants prepare for a period of growth and renewal, and they fill the air with pollen. Pollen remains present in the air throughout the spring and even in the early summer. If you have seasonal allergies, your body perceives springtime elements such as pollen and mold as threats, and it tries to fight them off. This sets off a histamine response, which causes allergy symptoms. Trees and grasses are some of the worst culprits when it comes to spring allergies. A particularly rainy spring encourages fungus growth, triggering mold allergies as well.

Preventing Allergy Symptoms

pharmacyWhile it may be impossible to avoid all springtime allergens, it helps to know what triggers your allergies so you can limit your exposure to those irritants. To learn more about your allergy triggers, find a clinic or pharmacy that can give you an allergy screening.

Keep your windows closed during allergy season, and avoid going outside in midmorning and early evening, when pollen levels tend to peak. After spending time outdoors, wash away pollen by taking a shower and laundering your clothes as soon as possible.

Treating Spring Allergies

If you know that springtime allergies are an annual problem for you, start treatment about two weeks before your symptoms typically begin. Ask your local pharmacy to recommend over-the-counter antihistamines that can reduce your body’s allergy response and a saline nasal spray to wash pollen out of your nasal passages. If these treatments don’t provide sufficient relief, see your doctor. They may write you prescriptions for stronger allergy medications or recommend allergy immunizations.


Sam Alexander Health Mart Pharmacy in Harrison, AR, is a locally-owned pharmacy dedicated to providing quality service at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for over-the-counter allergy medications, getting a prescription filled, or shopping for medical supplies, their compassionate staff is ready to help. Call them at 870-741-6511 or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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