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5 Must-Have Items to Get When You Adopt a Dog June 12, 2019

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5 Must-Have Items to Get When You Adopt a Dog , Versailles, Kentucky

When you adopt a dog, you’re welcoming a new family member into your life. And as a companion you care about, your pet should have everything they need to feel comfortable and safe in their new home. However, it’s quite possible that you won’t have all the right resources to care for your four-legged friend—especially if you’re a first-time dog-owner. To help you create the perfect environment for your pooch, here are a few pet care products you’ll want to invest in right away.

5 Essential Pet Care Products for First-Time Dog Owners

1. High-Quality Food  

All dogs need to eat a balanced diet. However, not all require the same type of food. For example, young puppies require high-calorie nutrient-dense foods that promote healthy growth. Older canines, on the other hand, may need meals that are lower-calorie but higher in nutrients that support bone and joint health. Ask a veterinarian which products are best for your new companion.

2. Leash & Harness

pet careIn addition to supporting daily fitness needs, walking can help your dog get more familiar with their environment, socialize with others, and bond with you. To ensure that you both have a comfortable experience, purchase a durable leash that will allow you to keep control over your pet. While collars may be enough to restrain well-behaved dogs, those who are still training or are smaller in size tend to fare better when wearing a harness.

3. Brush

Daily grooming is a great way to spend time with your dog and allow them to grow more comfortable with your touch. By brushing, you’ll keep their coat smooth and prevent the pain of matted fur. This practice will also reduce how much your pet sheds.

4. Toys

Dog toys can offer a variety of pet care benefits. For starters, they promote fitness and can be used as part of dog training exercises. Some chewable toys may also support oral health.

5. Bed

After a long day of playing and bonding with you, your dog will need a cozy place to curl up and sleep. Ideally, you should provide a dedicated bed that they can claim as their own. Keep it in a quiet area where they can get the rest they need. If your pet is younger, you might consider crate training, which encourages your dog to sleep on a bed in a crate large enough for them to turn around and curl up in.


To make sure your dog enjoys a happy and healthy life, you’ll also need to make time to visit the veterinarian soon after adoption. With Buffalo Trace Veterinary Care by your side, you’ll have access to comprehensive animal health services that all canines need—including pet vaccines, flea and tick preventive medicine, and dental care. As your four-legged friend grows up, this Versailles, KY, animal hospital is also equipped to provide everything from routine check-ups to emergency surgery. Visit this clinic online to learn more about their pet care options, and call (859) 879-3582 to schedule an appointment.

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