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5 Tips for Selling Your Junk Car June 14, 2019

5 Tips for Selling Your Junk Car, Ewa, Hawaii

If you have a car that you don’t plan to drive again, there’s no reason to leave it languishing in your driveway, garage, or storage unit. Even if it’s unusable, you can still make money off it. All you need to do is get in touch with a local business that offers cash for junk cars. Before you make the call, there are a few simple steps you need to take care of to ensure a smooth and successful sale.

What to Do Before Getting Cash for Junk Cars

1. Document the Condition

The amount of money you’ll get in return for your car depends on the vehicle's condition. Photograph it from multiple angles and write down all the details you can. Having visual and written documentation will make it easier for you to answer any questions from any prospective buyer offering cash for junk cars.

2. Obtain the Title

cash-for-junk-carsA legal sale includes transferring the title of the car. Stay away from any companies offering to purchase your vehicle without the title. If you don’t already have the title, head to your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

3. Confirm the Value

To ensure you’re getting a reasonable price, spend some time researching the value of your car’s make and model. You’ll need to account for any damages, but resources like Kelly Blue Book® make excellent starting points.

4. Sell Removable Accessories

If you upgraded your old car’s sound system or installed a GPS device, you may want to remove it and sell it on its own. Depending on the accessory, you may be able to get a good price in return.

5. Inquire About Towing Services

For maximum ease and convenience, look for companies that offer to pick up your car. Some leave the process of scheduling a tow truck to the seller, but others will take care of the towing for you. Whatever you choose, always double-check the paperwork before signing the deal.



If you’re ready to part with an unused vehicle, get in touch with Tip Tows. Serving, Honolulu, Kapolei, and the entire island of Oahu, they provide towing services, 24-hour roadside assistance, and cash for junk cars. If you’d like an estimate for your vehicle, call them today at (808) 222-3432. Learn more about their services online.

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