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Why You Should Have Your Engine Air Filter Replaced June 12, 2019

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Why You Should Have Your Engine Air Filter Replaced, Landrum, South Carolina

When performing vehicle maintenance, people tend to focus on proper tire pressure, changing out old headlights, and getting the oil refreshed every few months. A lesser-known item on the checklist is the car air filter. There are two in your vehicle—one that serves the engine and one behind the glovebox for cabin air—and the former serves an important role by preventing debris and contaminants from getting into the engine. Here are three reasons to get the engine filter changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

3 Benefits of a New Car Air Filter for Your Engine

1. Improving Gas Mileage

When particles of dust, pollen, and debris enter the engine, they build up and limit the flow of fuel. These tiny bits gradually cause friction and make the car work harder to produce the same amount of speed. Getting regular car air filter changes can better your gas mileage by helping your engine stay clean.

2. Mitigating Spark Plug Trouble

car air filter Spartanburg County SCIf the air-fuel mix in your vehicle has too much fuel and not enough air, it may prevent the spark plugs from working. You might find that the vehicle doesn’t start cleanly or is making worrisome sounds and shaking when idling. This could be caused by a dirty engine air filter, so bring the ride to a mechanic to get it checked out.

3. Bettering Acceleration

When dirt enters a car air filter, the vehicle may struggle to speed up and drive a little sluggishly on the highway. In between replacing the filter, clean it according to the manufacturer's recommendations—this is usually as simple as removing it and vacuuming it with a nozzle attachment—to prevent this from happening. You’ll have peace of mind with total control of the car at any speed.


Auto owners interested in having a professional mechanic team replace their car air filters should go to Landrum Lube in Spartanburg County, SC. The premier company has been in business for over 18 years and features highly trained technicians who use only the best parts to ensure your ride is running smoothly. Call the Landrum auto shop at (864) 457-3956 or visit the website for information on their oil and filter changes.

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