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Do's & Don'ts of Heating Oil Tank Care June 7, 2019

Do's & Don'ts of Heating Oil Tank Care, Dutchess County, New York

If you rely on oil for home heating, your heating oil tank needs care and maintenance. Regular care will help ensure your heating oil supply stays safe and your home and yard remain free of harmful substances. These tanks are made to be sturdy and long-lasting, but they're not indestructible. To keep yours in the best shape possible, follow these tips.


Check for Leaks & Corrosion

If you have an above-ground tank, you need to be on the lookout for any signs of rust, corrosion, or unexplained moisture or stains on the exterior of the tank. Any of these can indicate a weak area which may be leaking — or may start soon. You should also look at the base of the tank to make sure its legs or supports are level and show no signs of damage, bending, or corrosion. Some heating oil tanks are stored underground, making them difficult for you to check over. If you have an underground tank, hire a professional to inspect and test the tank at least once a year.

Test the Controls

heating-oil-tankYour tank has a gauge that shows you the level of the oil inside. Make sure this gauge isn't cracked or visibly loose, and check whether it's reporting the level accurately by watching it when your tank is filled. There’s also a vent whistle which makes a sound when the tank is being filled. Listen for it every time. If you can't hear it, get your heating oil tank repaired or replaced.


Leave Your Tank Half Full

Moisture inside your heating oil tank can lead to accelerated corrosion and leaks. When you leave the tank half empty, condensation can form in the empty spaces. Either keep your tank topped up or empty it completely. When it’s time to fill it up again, you can drain the condensation first.

Let Environmental Factors Cause Damage

Objects and plants leaning up against your heating oil tank can trap moisture and cause it to corrode more easily, so make sure the area around the tank is clear. Shelter it from ice and snow, and if you need to mow or do other yardwork in the area, leave some space around the tank to avoid damaging it with your yard equipment.



To arrange a heating oil tank inspection or replacement, contact Oil Express in Glenham, NY. Serving Dutchess County with discount heating oil delivery, this locally owned company provides friendly service in addition to affordable prices. They also service furnaces in the fall to prepare your home for winter. Call (845) 765-8359 to schedule, or follow the business on Facebook.

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