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Why Annual AC Tuneups Are Worth the Investment June 12, 2019

Erie, Erie
Why Annual AC Tuneups Are Worth the Investment, Erie, Pennsylvania

Modern AC units are extremely reliable, so most homeowners don’t give them a second thought until something goes wrong. Your AC system work all summer to keep your home comfortable, which puts extra wear and tear on its vital components. As a result, your unit is at a much higher risk of losing efficiency and suffering an unexpected breakdown during this season. However, regular tuneups by a skilled AC professional will help you get the most out of your AC system and save you money in the long run.

Why AC Tuneups Are Worth It

Prevent Future Issues

Your AC unit may continue working if its parts are slightly misaligned or if its drain lines get clogged, but those minor issues can eventually turn into major, expensive problems. Having an air conditioning contractor adjust your system, clean the coils, and check the wiring at the beginning of the season will keep your system running smoothly, prevent the need for future repairs, and extend the life of your unit.

Identify Problems Before a Breakdown

ac-unitsMany homeowners don’t notice any issues with their AC unit until it breaks down during a heatwave. Avoid this by having a professional look at your unit before temperatures rise. During a tuneup, the technician will thoroughly examine your system and identify any impending problems. In many cases, a small repair now can spare you from much more serious issues later.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Dust and debris accumulate inside your AC system over time, forcing the unit to work harder than necessary. As the system loses efficiency, your utility bills will start to climb, even if your unit is new. Tuneups include a deep clean of the entire system, restoring the efficiency of your system and shaving down your energy expenses.


If you’re looking for a respected air conditioning contractor to get your AC unit ready for summer, turn to the experts at Preece Heating & Cooling in Erie, PA. With years of experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality service, they can handle everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Visit their website for more on their AC services, follow their Facebook for tips and advice, or call (814) 704-4202 to schedule your tuneup today.

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