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3 Compelling Reasons Cable TV Is Worth Keeping Around June 5, 2019

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3 Compelling Reasons Cable TV Is Worth Keeping Around, Ridgeway, South Carolina

Modern streaming services have made watching your favorite movies and shows over the internet easier than ever. They’re impressive, it’s true, but a well-rounded entertainment package just isn’t complete without cable TV. If you’ve ever thought about cutting the cord, here’s why that idea may be a bit premature.

Understanding the Value of a Cable TV Subscription

1. Cost

High cable TV bills are often why people look to cut the cord. However, keep in mind that you’re likely saving money by bundling together cable, internet, and phone services. Plus, while one online streaming service may be cheap, to match the breadth of standard and premium channels you get with cable, you’ll have to subscribe to several. These monthly costs add up to a surprisingly hefty bill.

2. Internet

cable tvThe convenience of streaming services comes at a price: increased internet usage. If you want stable on-demand streaming, you’ll need at least a high-speed internet connection. You’ll have to factor in this cost if you don’t already have it. And when the internet goes out, you’ll lose access to shows you would be able to watch with cable.

3. Convenience

No sports fan will ever be truly content with just a streaming service. With cable TV, you can watch live sporting events, and when something newsworthy happens, you’ll be able to watch it as it unfolds on any number of 24-hour news channels. Additionally, it’s much easier to keep up with the hottest shows when you have cable, as it often takes months before they show up on streaming services. This is particularly true of shows on premium cable channels. And while HBO does have a standalone streaming service, channels like Showtime still require you to have a cable subscription.


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