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A Driver's Guide to Potholes June 12, 2019

South Marketview Heights, Rochester
A Driver's Guide to Potholes, Rochester, New York

Potholes are common after the ravages of winter break apart asphalt. Though most amount to just a small bump in the road, driving over a pothole can result in damage that, if left unchecked, will cost you when it comes time to pay for auto repairs. Fortunately, with the right maneuvering and preventive maintenance, you can minimize damage associated with these miniature craters.

How Can I Avoid Potholes?

First, make sure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. This will provide a barrier between the rough road and your rims. When driving, always keep at least 3 seconds of distance between you and the car you’re following. This should give you enough time to react to any upcoming road hazards.

auto repairIf you see a pothole coming up, slow down and straighten your wheels as you drive over it to minimize damage. Avoid swerving too much and always monitor surrounding traffic as you maneuver. Follow the same precautions for puddles, as they may be hiding deceptively deep recessions in the road.

Do I Need Auto Repairs After I Hit a Pothole?

There are a few obvious signs of damage you can check for after hitting a curb or pothole. The tires are a good place to start. In addition to inspecting the rubber for tears or punctures, look for any dents in your rims. A misshapen wheel won’t be able to create a tight seal with the tire, which can result in bumpier rides and an increased risk of a blowout. You may also notice your car drifting slightly to one side due to misaligned tires.

Some potholes may be deep enough to force the undercarriage to contact the road. Take note of any fluid leaking under your car, and if you hear any new, unpleasant noises while driving, contact your mechanic for auto repairs right away. These sounds may indicate a hole in your exhaust pipe. Left unchecked, you will experience a loss of engine efficiency and an increase in harmful emissions.


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