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How to Naturally Combat Weeds June 12, 2019

Moanalua, Honolulu
How to Naturally Combat Weeds, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dealing with weeds is a never-ending battle for every gardener and homeowner. No matter what type of weed your lawn has, you’ll need to be proactive about keeping them away to ensure your plants get the nutrients and growing space they need. Try these home garden maintenance remedies to protect your yard from unwanted additions.

4 Natural Weed-Killers

1. Newspaper

Newspaper can serve as an affordable landscape fabric. Lay it down throughout your garden beds, then top it with a layer of mulch and straw. This creates a physical barrier that stops weeds from taking root. The newspaper will decompose over time and feed the soil to promote healthier future growth for your garden.

2. Boiling Water

weedingPlants cannot withstand extreme temperatures, and boiling water is effective at eradicating weeds at their roots. Boil your water, then immediately pour it in the cracks along your sidewalk or driveway. It can be challenging to control the water’s flow, so only try this technique on weeds that aren’t close to flower beds.

3. Vinegar

Due to its acetic acid, vinegar will dry out weeds and kill them. For the best results, use horticultural vinegar, which has 20% acetic acid, rather than household white vinegar, which only contains 5%. Its acidity may lower the soil pH in the surrounding area, so spray it only in areas that you want to kill everything.

4. Salt

Rock salt or table salt blocks the osmosis through the plant’s tissues. This blockage dehydrates and eventually kills the weeds while preventing new growth. Sprinkle it generously throughout areas that you don’t want any plant growth.


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