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5 Tips to Prepare for a CNA Job Interview October 8, 2019

Wakefield, Bronx
5 Tips to Prepare for a CNA Job Interview, Bronx, New York

Spending the right amount of time preparing for a job interview sets you up for success. When it comes to CNA interviews, there are many professional qualities recruiters look for in candidates. It is in your best interest to reflect those qualities as much as possible during your interview. The following guide explains the best ways to secure a role as a certified nurse assistant.

How to Be Prepared for Your CNA Interview

1. Gather Interview Information

Make sure you have all of the information you’ll need to show up to your interview on time and ready to begin. This includes the location and scheduled meeting time, your updated resume, references, CNA certificate, and any additional documents the employer requests.

2. Dress Appropriately

After your resume, your appearance is one of the first impressions you will make. Keep your attire simple but work appropriate—for instance, avoid jeans, tight clothing, and oversized suits. A clean collared shirt with trousers or a conservative blouse and skirt are suitable options. Set out an outfit the night before to prevent last-minute wardrobe worries.

3. Go Over Common Interview Questions

CNAReview some of the most commonly asked CNA interview questions and come up with your own responses. While you want to come off as the ideal candidate, giving rehearsed answers feels unnatural and insincere. You may receive questions about your past nursing experiences, qualifications, and handling of patients. Speak positively, clearly, and honestly in your responses.

4. Research the Company

Demonstrating knowledge of the company you’re applying to is essential. When you take the time and effort to prepare yourself for your interview, employers can see that you are truly passionate about the position. Look into background information such as their mission statement, typical patients, and candidate expectations.

5. Prepare Some Questions

At the end of the interview, you will have the chance to make some inquiries of your own. Take this opportunity to further show your interest in the job while gathering more details about the company and position. Ask questions such as, “What is your CNA turnover rate?”, “Do you offer opportunities for continuing education?”, and “How many patients will typically be in my care during each shift?”


At Big Apple Training, you will obtain the education and preparation you need to further your career as a CNA. Their Allied Health training centers provide hands-on education, online learning, and feedback from trained health care professionals. With medical training in fields from nursing assistants to pharmacy technicians, you’ll find a program that furthers your knowledge and skills. For more information about available courses and enrollment, call (914) 437-7373 for their White Plains, NY, location or (718) 231-3600 for the Bronx center. Learn more about their CNA program online.

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