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3 Tips for Traveling By Plane With Babies August 6, 2019

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3 Tips for Traveling By Plane With Babies, Manhattan, New York

Flying can be stressful for anyone with children, but it’s especially so when you have an infant. While you may be reluctant to book any trips, there are ways to prevent some of the common mishaps that might occur. From airport transportation to boarding the aircraft, below are a few of the best tips to follow if you’re traveling with your baby. 

3 Tips for Traveling With a Baby

1. Give Yourself Extra Time

Getting to the airport early will give you extra time through check-in and TSA. Aside from carrying your baby, you’ll also be dealing with the stroller, diaper bags, and luggage. Rather than driving yourself and having to worry about parking, book airport transportation for a stress-free arrival. 

2. Pre-Book Your Seats

airport transportationYou don’t have to purchase a ticket for babies younger than two, but it does help to pre-book your seat ahead of time. Being in the middle seat with a baby won’t be fun for you or others around you. Choose an aisle seat as this will give you a bit of extra room and make it easy to move around if your baby gets fussy.

3. Prepare a Bottle

Takeoff is one of the more difficult times for babies as the pressure can lead to discomfort. Pack a bottle or pacifier that you can give your baby during takeoff to occupy their mouths and make it easier on both you and surrounding passengers.  


When you have a baby in tow, pre-scheduling airport transportation is a great way to ensure you make it to your flight on time. For the leading transportation provider in New York City, turn to the team at Riverside Car & Limo. For over 20 years, this locally owned and -operated company has provided a variety of transportation services to customers throughout the Tri-State area. Their fleet features SUVs, limos, and town cars, depending on your personalized needs. Call (212) 923-1111 to make a reservation for airport transportation or visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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