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June Is PTSD Awareness Month June 3, 2019

Anniston, Calhoun
June Is PTSD Awareness Month, Anniston, Alabama

Posttraumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric syndrome triggered by witnessing or experiencing a distressing event. June marks PTSD Awareness Month, making it an opportune time to spread the word about how the condition impacts individuals — and what their friends, family, and caregivers can do to help. 

What to Know About PTSD

PTSD Has Many Causes

Posttraumatic stress disorder is frequently associated with military service, but it’s not only veterans who experience PTSD. The condition can also develop after accidents, natural disasters, and physical or sexual assault.

cargiversSymptoms include difficulty concentrating, withdrawing socially, feelings of guilt, and sleep problems like nightmares and insomnia. Sounds, smells, and other triggers may cause undesired yet unavoidable flashbacks.

It’s Treatable

If you suspect a loved one is experiencing PTSD, don’t wait to address the issue. It’s treatable and there is no need for someone to endure their pain silently. Therapy will alleviate symptoms and teach people the skills they need to deal with triggers. There are also medications available that can help with insomnia and anxiety. Caregivers can provide valuable social contact and simplify everyday tasks, like picking up medicines or running weekly errands. A caregiver can also assist loved ones who are taking care of those with PTSD. 

Support Is Available

Supporting someone with PTSD is not always easy — they may become inexplicably irritable, for instance, or withdrawal socially. Educating yourself about PTSD allows you to understand your loved one’s behavior so you can communicate effectively. Resources include Disabled American Veterans, PsychArmor Institute, Faces of PTSD, and the PTSD Alliance


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