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What Is Histoplasmosis? June 17, 2019

Milford, Miami
What Is Histoplasmosis?, Miami, Ohio

A bird or bat infestation around your home isn’t just a nuisance. It can lead to contamination and health problems for your family or visitors. Histoplasmosis is one condition that often accompanies these flying critters. To combat it, you first need to understand what it is and what signs or symptoms to look out for.

What You Should Know About Histoplasmosis

The Basics

Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection that usually occurs due to exposure to bird or bat droppings found in soil. The combination of the soil and droppings creates a fungus, and the spores travel through the air and into people’s lungs, causing infection.

Negative Effects

bat infestationMost people who are exposed to histoplasma fungus don’t show symptoms. However, those who do often exhibit fever, chills, cough, headache, or a skin rash. The symptoms can be especially severe for infants or those who have weakened immune systems, so seek medical attention if you notice these effects.

How to Remedy the Problem

The first step if you think you or a loved one is dealing with histoplasmosis is to see a doctor. You should also try to limit your exposure to areas where the fungus may be present, or wear a respirator mask around the site. Young people and those with weakened immune systems should vacate the area entirely until you can remove the bird or bat infestation.


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