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The Difficulties & Beautiful Payoff of Historical Preservation June 12, 2019

Pleasant Run, Colerain
The Difficulties & Beautiful Payoff of Historical Preservation, Colerain, Ohio

If you own a home or building in a historical area, you may be limited in which type of restoration or renovation you can do. If the original look must be preserved, hire a professional who specializes in historical preservation. Especially when working with plaster or stucco, the process requires surgical precision. However, the payoff is always beautiful and unique to the history of your property.

What You Should Know About Historical Preservation

Rules of Historical Buildings

Each community has a specific set of rules for the historical districts in their area. These rules are designed to ensure that both the look and structural integrity of each home or building stays true to the past. For example, if a porch column is wearing down, you will likely not be able to replace it with a modern-looking metal post. You must instead restore the original column or have a replacement constructed that looks and feels exactly like the original. These rules are usually focused on the exterior, but they can also impact the interior. For instance, you may not be able to knock down walls or cover up significant details on ceilings.

The Beauty of Historical Preservationhistoric preservation

While owning a historical building comes with guidelines, the payoff is worth it. The result is a structure with a gorgeous and timeless look, with unique, handcrafted details that set it apart from modern properties. The materials used in historical buildings, such as plaster and stucco, also tend to hold up well. Since there are restrictions on what owners can do to repair or replace parts of the building, there’s less of a chance for cheap fixes to wear down after a few years. These lovely details also appeal to potential buyers, increasing the value of the property over time.


If you own a historical building and need a plaster or stucco contractor that specializes in historical preservation, call Old World Plastering in Cincinnati, OH. The plastering contractor brings a wide range of skills to every job, with the ability to complete everything from ornamental restoration to moisture intrusion plaster repair. The team uses the latest methods and technology to complete work efficiently, and owner Greg Colina is personally on site at every project to ensure quality. To discuss your historical preservation needs, contact the company online or call (513) 481-1122.

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