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What Evidence Does Your Personal Injury Lawyer Need For Your Case? June 12, 2019

Sparta, Monroe
What Evidence Does Your Personal Injury Lawyer Need For Your Case?, Sparta, Wisconsin

When you’ve experienced an injury due to someone else’s negligence, the fact that you were injured isn’t always enough to establish a solid case. You need evidence. While a personal injury lawyer can help with gathering evidence for the case, you can streamline the process by collecting materials yourself. Here are some of the most important types of evidence you will need.

3 Types of Evidence to Give Your Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Medical Records

Medical records are among the most important pieces of evidence in determining the amount of compensation you will receive. Keep all bills related to your injury, including initial hospital bills, therapy appointments, and checkups that evaluate your recovery. These bills add up, and you don’t want any medical expense left uncovered.

2. Proof of Lost Wages

personal injury lawyerIf the injury was severe enough that it caused you to lose wages, this will need to be considered in determining compensation. Records of your income before and after the accident and work-related communications indicating unpaid leave will offer greater legitimacy to your case.

3. Records of the Accident Scene

The personal injury lawyer will use details from the accident scene to prove the negligent individual’s liability in your case. Whenever possible, you should collect photos of the accident scene and your injuries, a police record describing the incident, and contact information for any eyewitnesses. Your lawyer can collect witness statements to lend additional credibility to photographic evidence and official reports.


If you need a personal injury lawyer after an accident, you can depend on the team at Arndt Buswell & Thorn S.C. Serving western and central Wisconsin since 1991, their attorneys can help with a wide array of personal injury insurance claims, from auto accidents to workplace injuries, as well as business and bankruptcy law cases. To learn more about their practice areas, visit them online. Call (608) 269-1200 for their Sparta office or (608) 486-2324 for their Bangor location to schedule a free consultation.

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