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5 Foods That Pair Well With Vodka June 14, 2019

Flatbush, Brooklyn
5 Foods That Pair Well With Vodka, Brooklyn, New York

Oftentimes we read about certain types of foods that complement alcoholic beverages like wine or beer, but what about vodka? It turns out there are plenty of foods known to pair well with the spirit, many of which can even highlight coconut, sweet juices, and other flavors featured in vodka mixed drinks. Next time you’re enjoying your favorite vodka-based cocktail, consider snacking on one of the following foods.

5 Food Options That Complement Vodka

1. Pickled Foods

There’s a reason pickles often accompany Bloody Marys. Their sour flavors are ideal for highlighting the smooth flavors of a rich vodka. Beyond traditional pickles, you might also try pickled herrings or radishes for an interesting twist.

2. Smoked Fish or Ham

Smoked foods balance out the robust tones of vodka, so consider setting out a tray of smoked salmon or ham if you intend to serve vodka mixed drinks. Dried or smoked beef will work too, so if you ever feel like having a late-night snack after a few drinks, reach for a bag of beef jerky.

3. Creamy/Salty Cheeses

It might seem that virtually anything goes when it comes to serving cheese alongside alcohol. Indeed, cheese works just as well as vodka as it does with wine. Just be sure to reach for a creamy variety, such as brie or goat cheese.

4. Cucumber

vodka mixed drinksIf you’re seeking a healthy snack to pair with your vodka mixed drinks, slice up some cucumber. Enjoy it on its own or in a salad, and consider incorporating some fresh dill into the mix. The refreshing herb is common in countries such as Poland and Russia, where vodka is a preferred drink of choice.

5. Capers

Finally, for the main event, consider making a dish featuring capers. With subtle sweetness and plenty of saltiness, capers complement vodka’s bold flavor. Throw them into a pasta dish or salad, or highlight them in a batch of homemade chicken piccata.


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