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4 Pawn Shop Selling Secrets You’ll Want to Know June 5, 2019

Central Business District, Cincinnati
4 Pawn Shop Selling Secrets You’ll Want to Know, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re strapped for cash, you may choose to pawn a few personal items. Getting the best deal is the goal, and thankfully, there are few methods to get the most for your items. Here are a few pawn shop secrets to know before you walk in the door and start negotiating.

4 Pawn Shop Selling Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Provide Additional Proof

The more information you can provide on an item, the better the sale price may be. This is especially true for wares like artwork, musical instruments, and expensive jewelry. Bring in appraisal reports, original receipts, and other documents that can prove a trail of ownership and authenticity.

2. Clean Items Before Selling

pawn shopTake the time to thoroughly clean jewelry, furniture, computer equipment, and other items before your visit to the pawn shop. Use appropriate cleaning products to eliminate stains, dirt, dust, and other debris from the surface of your items. This extra step will present your wares in the best light to improve their final sale price. 

3. Find Out What’s in Demand

Call the pawn shop and ask what items are in demand — the store may be searching for certain goods. If you can fill their supply void, there’s a better chance you can negotiate for a better price. To ensure your visit is fruitful, also ask about items that are overstocked. You can skip bringing these items in since demand for them is low.

4. Ask About Payment Extensions

You may need extra time to pay on a pawn. Call before the payment due date and explain your situation. Some pawnbrokers will provide you with an extension. The key is not to wait until the actual due date to make your request.


Since 1988, Barr’s Loan Office in Cincinnati, OH, has been the region’s trusted resource for buying and selling a wide range of items. The pawn shop’s friendly and professional staff also offers competitive prices, user-friendly loan terms, and an inventory of one-of-a-kind valuables. Stop by today to browse the latest stock or call (513) 721-0088 to inquire about specific items. You can also go online for details on what’s available in their store today!