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What to Expect From Your First Golf Lesson June 5, 2019

Grants Lick, Campbell
What to Expect From Your First Golf Lesson, Grants Lick, Kentucky

Signing up for golf lessons is an excellent way to learn the finer aspects of the sport, from rules to form. But if you’ve never played before, let alone held a club, then you might be uncertain about what to expect from the first session. Here’s what you should know to prepare for your first lesson.

What Happens at the First Golf Lesson?

1. Brief Introduction

Your instructor wants you to be comfortable. That’s why the lesson will begin with an introduction to the core elements of the course — including the golf equipment you’ll use and the location where you’ll practice. At this stage, your teacher may inform you about the types of clubs and how they’re used to perform different shots. The first lesson is also a “getting-to-know-you” type of session. The instructor will ask about what you hope to achieve through lessons, why you want to play, and whether you have any specific strengths or weaknesses in the game.

2. Hit Some Balls

golf lessonsThere’s no better way to learn than by doing! That’s why your instructor will have you putt a few balls to start. You’ll learn the proper positioning of the ball, your grip, and your body, and the importance of effective posture and alignment. These factors each affect the success of any shot. 

3. Learn Your Form

Golf may be a relaxed sport, but swinging the club engages key muscles in the body. Learning proper form early on is imperative to establish the right habits and to not get stuck in a form that hinders your performance or hurts your body. The instructor will assess your movements to ensure that you’re safe and on the right track. While it’s not always the case, teachers may also choose to record the student’s technique on video. This is an easy way to follow the student’s progress through subsequent lessons and will help the student better understand areas where they need to improve.

4. Establish a Plan

If you’re excited to continue with your golf lessons, the instructor will devise a plan for subsequent lessons. They may provide you with some background information on what to expect, such as learning how to chip the ball and swing irons properly. Eventually, you’ll enjoy some time on the golf course and try your hand at a few holes. This is an excellent way to put everything that you’ve learned into practice.


Whether you’re completely new to the sport or want to improve upon your existing game, trust the instructors at A.J. Jolly Golf Course in Alexandria, KY. Their seasoned professionals are ready to help you achieve your goals in the comfort of a beautiful 18-hole golf course that features beautifully manicured lawns and a number of challenging spots. Visit them online to learn more about their golf lessons, or call (859) 635-2106.

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