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Preparing Your Home for a New AC Unit Installation June 12, 2019

Union, Knox
Preparing Your Home for a New AC Unit Installation, Union, Ohio

Installing a new AC unit is a big project, but a skilled contractor will handle most of the steps, from protecting your belongings from dust to clearing out debris. However, there are several steps you can take before the installation to make the process smoother and faster. The tips below will help you get your home ready for your upcoming air conditioner installation.

How to Get Your Home Ready for a New AC Unit

Have Air Ducts Inspected

If you’re installing a new ductless AC system, you may not need to worry about this step. However, if your new AC unit is going to use your home’s existing duct work, have the ducts professionally cleaned and inspected for leaks before the day of the installation. Talk to your contractor before cleaning the ducts. If you’re working with a top contractor who offers comprehensive services, they might take care of this step for you.

Clean the Area

ac-unitsThe area around your AC units should always be kept clear of debris and plants, but the technician will need even more space to work. To prepare the area, move items away from the outdoor unit and clear a path through your home. Move any furniture out of the way and clear your tables of any items that might get knocked over as workers move the equipment through your home.

Make Your Home Accessible

In addition to installing the new AC unit, the contractor may need to inspect the wiring and check to ensure cold air is flowing throughout the house. Before the workers arrive, make sure each room of your house is easily accessible, including the basement and the attic.


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