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4 Tips to Prepare for Concrete Delivery June 4, 2019

O'Fallon, O'Fallon
4 Tips to Prepare for Concrete Delivery, O'Fallon, Missouri

Perhaps you’re building your home from the ground up or need concrete to lay the foundation of a commercial building. Maybe it’s time for a new parking lot at your business, or you desire a patio for the backyard. Whether your upcoming concrete delivery is for commercial or residential reasons, a little preparation expedites the process to prevent complications and delays. Learn more about preparing for concrete delivery from the guide below.

How to Get Ready for Concrete Delivery

1. Inform Your Neighbors

Let your neighbors know a concrete mixer truck will be visiting your home or business soon. Tell them the date, time, and how long you expect the delivery to take so they can make other arrangements. Your neighbors may prefer to be elsewhere due to the noise factor.

2. Clear the Area

concrete deliveryPrepare the ground for concrete delivery by clearing the area of all debris as well as objects such as outdoor furniture, decor, and signage. The cement truck should have an unobstructed path to the concrete delivery site to prevent property damage. If there’s no suitable area close to your home or business to park the truck, you will need a concrete pump to transfer the material to the site.

3. Compact the Soil

Hire an excavation team to compact the soil prior to concrete delivery. The product requires a flat, well-compacted soil surface to prevent issues such as excessive settling and structural damage. Your excavation team will test the soil first to determine how much compaction it needs based on factors such as soil type and moisture level.

4. Talk to Your Supplier

Ensure your concrete suppliers know exactly how much product you need before delivery day. If you order too much concrete, you will pay to have it disposed of. If you order too little, you will also pay extra because an additional delivery will be necessary. Also check your framework, if applicable, to make certain it can withstand the amount of concrete your supplier will deliver.


Get the expert concrete delivery services you need for project success from Schreiter Ready Mix & Materials. The renowned ready-mix concrete supplier in O’Fallon, MO, provides the Saint Charles area with high-quality materials for competitive prices, including Redi-Rock® retaining walls. Call (636) 240-2600 today to schedule your delivery or review their products online.

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