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Embroidery vs. Vinyl: Which Is Better for Your Custom Apparel? June 10, 2019

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Embroidery vs. Vinyl: Which Is Better for Your Custom Apparel?, North Albemarle, North Carolina

When you run a business, or an organization of any kind, offering swag bags is an easy and effective way to market your vision. By handing out custom apparel to staff and customers, you can create greater brand loyalty and receive free marketing anytime they wear a shirt or cap with your logo. One logistical question you’ll need to answer is whether you should opt for embroidery or vinyl printing to produce the apparel. Here’s a guide to the characteristics of each option. 


The embroidery process relies on a sewing machine to create colored stitching within your apparel. The design is digitized and then input into the sewing machine. Because there are more raw materials involved, embroidered custom apparel usually comes at a higher price point than alternative options like vinyl. On the other hand, the embroidered design tends to be more durable and can have a longer lifespan by several years.

Additionally, there’s a different feel to the design itself. Since stitching is slightly raised off the garment, it appears to have some depth and can even look 3D. There is even the possibility of slightly fancier needlework options like appliqué. Many organizations like to choose embroidery when they are making items for special events, such as company milestones or anniversaries.


custom apparelWith a vinyl process, designs are first printed onto large vinyl sheets, then cut out and heat-pressed onto the garment to create a bond. The result is seamless, though you lose the 3D effect that comes with embroidery. Vinyl looks flatter, though that also has the effect of making it seem more modern in some cases. You’re also likely to be constrained to one or two colors, since bringing in more inks can be pricey and require extra labor.

Nonetheless, a big advantage of the vinyl process is that you can expect lower prices. Since custom apparel orders tend to be in bulk, those savings can add up. Many organizations choose to use vinyl printing for team events, such as volunteer outings or community barbecues. 


The next time your organization needs custom apparel, talk to Wendy's Embroidered Specialties & Screen Printing LLC in Albemarle, NC. In business since 1991, the family-owned and -operated company offers both embroidery and vinyl graphics, so you can always have options. To discuss your preferences with a friendly staff member, call (704) 982-5978. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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