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4 Steps to Take After Getting Your Eyes Dilated June 6, 2019

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4 Steps to Take After Getting Your Eyes Dilated, Anchorage, Alaska

Dilating drops widen the pupils, so your eye doctor can take a thorough look during an exam. While the process is relatively easy, you may experience a few issues once the exam is complete. Knowing how to navigate these issues will keep you safe and secure until the effects of the drops wear off. 

What Should You Do After Getting Your Eyes Dilated?

1. Take Some Time Off Work

Blurred vision is common when your pupils are extremely dilated. Blurriness lasts as long as a few hours in some cases, so it’s recommended that you take the rest of the day off until your vision is restored. This is especially important if you work with heavy machinery or in other risky environments. 

2. Don’t Drive on Your Own

eye doctorIn the same token, make sure you have reliable transportation to and from the eye care clinic. You won’t be able to drive until your vision is restored, or you run the risk of being involved in a serious accident. 

3. Wear Sunglasses

Along with blurriness, dilating drops also increase your eyes’ sensitivity to light. Sunglasses are key in this case, especially if your exam took place on a sunny day. You may also feel more comfortable wearing sunglasses inside until your vision returns to normal. 

4. Get in Touch With Your Eye Doctor

The side effects of dilation are usually pretty minor. However, if your vision hasn’t returned to normal after several hours or you experience significant stinging and discomfort, it’s best to contact an eye doctor. Although it’s rare, you may be experiencing a reaction to the drops. 


If you undergo dilation during an eye exam, the team at Northern Lights Eye Care will ensure you have the right information. They’re equipped to treat patients of all ages and provide a variety of essential eye care services, including exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses, and the treatment of diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Schedule an exam with a trusted eye doctor in Anchorage, AK, by calling (907) 276-3937 today, or visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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