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Top 4 Reasons to Install a Dishwasher In Your Home June 12, 2019

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Top 4 Reasons to Install a Dishwasher In Your Home, Rush, New York

The dishwasher is a luxury of the modern world, making what was once a time-consuming, tedious chore as easy as pushing a button. If you wash dishes by hand, installing one can free up hours every week and even work towards keeping your family healthy. If you’re on the fence about using a dishwasher, here are a few reasons to have a plumber install one in your kitchen.

Compelling Reasons to Use a Dishwasher

1. Kill Germs

You might think the bathroom is the most germ-infested room of the house, but the kitchen harbors the most bacteria and viruses. Killing these germs requires temperatures higher than our hands can tolerate, but a dishwasher can handle them with ease. After a thorough wash cycle, your dishes will be clean and sterile, with none of the germs that can cause foodborne illnesses.

2. Conserve Water

plumberModern dishwashers are designed to use as little water and electricity as possible. Compared to high-tech appliances, washing dishes by hand wastes a considerable amount of water, especially if you keep the tap running as you clean. Not only will energy-efficient products help you save the planet, but they’ll also reduce the costs of your utility bills.

3. Save Time

Over the course of a week, all the minutes you spent washing dishes add up. Loading and unloading the dishwasher, on the other hand, only takes a short while. This frees up your schedule to let you spend more time with family, relaxing, or catching up on other chores.

4. Keep the Kitchen Tidy

Throughout the day, dishes tend to pile up in the sink, creating an unsightly mess that can attract bugs and create odors. Dishwashers keep dirty dishes out of sight, leaving your sink spotless. This will reduce the risk of infestations and unpleasant smells, keeping your home fresh.

If you want to install a dishwasher, call the plumbers at Miller Plumbing Inc. For 50 years, homeowners throughout Monroe, Livingston, and Ontario counties in New York have relied on them for appliance installations and pipe repairs. Their plumbers give every client honest advice and fair pricing, exceeding expectations every time. Visit this plumber’s website for an overview of their services, or call (585) 533-1404 to request an estimate.

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