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Professional Movers Reliable Transfer Corp. Share What Not to Pack August 19, 2015

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
Professional Movers Reliable Transfer Corp. Share What Not to Pack, Juneau, Alaska

Whether you are making a move domestically or internationally, you need professional movers with years of experience to safely transport your belongings. In Juneau, AK, Reliable Transfer Corp. has been providing residents with dependable service for over a century.

The full-service moving company customers with reliable local, long distance, and international moves. Whatever your needs may be, the highly trained moving crew can help you pack your belongings, transport your goods, and unpack your boxes at your destination.

If you opt to pack your boxes yourself, take a look at a few tips on what items you should not waste time packing:

  • Dangerous Items: Certain items are a risk to move, so it is best to dispose of them or give them to friends and family to use. These include, but are not limited to: acid, pesticides, motor oil, gasoline, charcoal, lighter fluid, fertilizer and darkroom chemicals.
  • Perishables: These items will spoil quickly if not packaged properly. Don’t waste time and resources trying to properly pack perishables—like eggs and milk—when you can consume them beforehand.
  • Valuables: Items that hold sentimental value should be taken with you. This ranges from family heirlooms to jewelry and photo albums. When in doubt, opt to take valuable items yourself so you do not run the risk of them getting lost or damaged.

When you're ready for the big move, contact Reliable Transfer Corp. for an estimate. To learn more, visit Reliable Transfer Corp. online now, or call (907) 789-1490 to schedule an appointment.