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3 Reasons to Have Your Church Professionally Cleaned June 13, 2019

East Oak Hill, Austin
3 Reasons to Have Your Church Professionally Cleaned, Austin, Texas

As a place of worship, support, and celebration, your church likely sees a lot of visitors each week. This foot traffic adds up over time, leaving behind dirt and germs you may not even be able to see. Keeping your church clean is an important part of keeping its members healthy, both spiritually and physically. No matter the size of your church or your congregation, professional cleaning is a must for any area where people gather. If you’ve never considered janitorial services for your church, here are some of the top reasons to start thinking about it. 

3 Important Reasons to Hire Janitorial Services

1. Churches See Many Visitors

Besides weekly services that draw in a lot of people, churches are often used to host big events, some of which involve food. Spills are inevitable when kids and food are involved. Even if you clean spills up right away, bacteria can accumulate deep within carpet fibers, encouraging the growth of harmful microorganisms. A professional janitorial service uses high-end cleaning equipment to lift dirt, grime, and bacteria out of carpets to eliminate stains as well as germs.

2. It Can Get Dirty, Even in Off-Hours

janitorial-servicesWhen churches aren’t in use, dust will accumulate. This is bad for anyone with respiratory conditions or dust allergies. Even if your church looks clean, there may still be dangerous germs on door handles and window frames that could easily be missed. A major advantage of hiring a janitorial service is the routine cleaning they provide, which never gives dust the chance to build up. 

3. You’ll Always Make a Good Impression

A clean church makes a positive first impression. Stains and accumulated dust make impressions too. If it’s someone’s first time visiting, this is the lasting impression they will remember, and it could also determine whether they’ll come back. People will find the environment more comfortable and pleasing if it’s clean. Besides being unhealthy, an unclean environment is distracting, taking people’s focus off the sermon or celebration.



Running a church is a busy job, but JK Commercial Cleaning in Austin, TX, can help. This professional janitorial service offers high-end cleaning services at reasonable prices so you can focus on other matters. With the latest in environmentally-friendly technology, this expert cleaning service will work with you to devise the optimal cleaning schedule for your church. This locally owned and operated business services all of central Texas. Visit their website to learn more about their services or call (512) 228-1837 for a free estimate.

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