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3 Tips to Improve Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency June 12, 2019

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3 Tips to Improve Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency, Cairo, Georgia

Commercial refrigeration units require a lot of power to operate and run around the clock. An inefficient system can lead to serious energy waste and weak cooling. In many cases, overworking can also cut into its life span, so it’s important to take energy-saving measures. Try the ones below to boost efficiency in your unit.

Ways to Make Your Commercial Refrigeration System More Efficient

1. Check Door Seals

If the sealing around your door is worn down, it won’t create a tight hold when it’s closed. As cool air trickles out and hot air leaks in, your system will have to use more power and force to maintain the programmed temperatures. This leads to significant energy waste and puts undue strain on the system. Check the seals regularly for signs of wear, and make sure the door is properly secured to its hinges so it closes correctly.

2. Install LED Lights

commercial refrigerationInstalling LED lights is one of the easiest upgrades to make. LED lights require less wattage than CFL and incandescent lights, making them more energy-efficient. They also last much longer and do well in cold environments, so you won’t need to replace them often. As a further step, install motion sensors so the lights will only come on when someone is in the walk-in unit.

3. Keep It Clean

Over time, dirt and grime will build up on the condenser coils and other components. This can slow down function and even lead to breakdowns, so clean these areas regularly. Vacuum around them and wipe them down with a dry cloth. This will lead to more efficient heat transfer. Keep the ventilation system clean as well for superior airflow. For the healthiest air, hire an HVAC contractor to clean the ductwork.


For further assistance with your commercial refrigeration system, turn to the professionals at Parker’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. Serving Cairo, GA, this company brings over 25 years of heating and cooling experience to customers. They assist with everything from general maintenance to AC installation and are committed to ensuring customers get the most from their systems. Call (229) 377-9129 to schedule an inspection. Learn more about their services online.

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