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The Top 3 Indications Your Car's AC Is Failing June 12, 2019

Geneseo, Livingston
The Top 3 Indications Your Car's AC Is Failing , Geneseo, New York

Cars and trucks get really hot during the summer, so a reliable air conditioner is essential for your comfort. Therefore, it's good to know in advance if your AC will require service. If you get out ahead of the problem with preemptive car repairs, you can often avoid a climate-control breakdown. To that end, here are some key signs your car's air conditioning is starting to fail.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle's AC Is Failing

1. Difficulty Cooling

If the system cannot blow cold air or only blows cold air for a limited time, you’re looking at an imminent AC breakdown. This could be due to a variety of problems. For example, your system may not be receiving sufficient refrigerant due to a loose connection or leak. The problem may also be with the condenser. Look through the grill to check for any obstructions, such as a plastic bag or leaves.

2. Unusual Noises

Car repair in Geneseo, NYWhen operating smoothly, the AC should be relatively quiet except for the hum of the fan. However, when parts start wearing out, you might hear unusual noises. For instance, when the compressor clutch fails, you'll hear a rattling sound. When the pulley bearing goes, it often causes a grinding or squealing noise. 

3. Pooling Water

On warm days, moist air condenses on the cool metal coils of the air conditioning unit. The moisture is then drained through a hose to the underside of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the hose can become clogged with dirt, road grime, or mildew, and the collected moisture can drip into the cabin of the vehicle. Contact a car repair shop if you spot dripping or pooling water coming from the air conditioner.


For air conditioning work or other car repairs, contact M & R Automotive Service Center, an experienced auto mechanic in Geneseo, NY. They have been serving clients in and around Livingston County since 1991 and specialize in AC, tires, and engine repair. They also offer auto parts and towing service. Visit their website to view their services or call (585) 243-1201 to schedule car repairs.

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