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3 Benefits of a Landscaping Drainage System June 12, 2019

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3 Benefits of a Landscaping Drainage System, Asheboro, North Carolina

Maintaining lush, beautiful landscaping requires more than just general care. A drainage system plays an integral role in keeping your yard and garden healthy, but its role is often overlooked. Adding a system to your home can do wonders for keeping soil and plants healthy. Here’s a closer look at the benefits you’ll receive with your next home upgrade.

Reasons to Install a Landscaping Drainage System

1. Eliminate Standing Water

Standing and pooling water gradually drown your landscaping. Roots become damaged, soil is oversaturated, and you’ll notice your plants dying. If the pools extend to hardscapes, it can also create slip and fall risks. It also tarnishes your curb appeal and serves as a breeding ground for insects like mosquitos. A landscaping drainage system is discreetly buried under your yard and will effectively flush water from your property.

2. Prevent Erosion

landscapingStanding water and rainfall will cut into your soil. As they gradually create pits and trenches, erosion will become an issue. Plants may lose their hold in the ground, roots can become exposed, and installations such as retaining walls won’t have sufficient support. Soil erosion can also disrupt the local ecosystem, an even broader reason to consider a home drainage system.

3. Preventing Foundation Damage

When too much water pools or flows into your yard, it can seep deep into the soil and begin wearing down your home’s foundation. It can also erode the small grade against your home’s exterior that’s designed to guard your foundation against water damage. Long-term exposure can lead to cracks and other issues, such as basement and crawl space flooding. These are serious problems that can require costly emergency repairs to maintain your home’s structural integrity.


If you’re ready to add a landscaping drainage system to your home, Steve Hinesley and Co. Inc. of Asheboro, NC, provides comprehensive installation services. Serving both residential and commercial clients, their team draws from a variety of lawn care backgrounds to create unrivaled services. Whether it’s tree trimming, mulching, or irrigation, they’ll ensure you have everything you need to maintain a beautiful yard. Call (336) 953-4600 to schedule a consultation. Learn more about their services online.

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