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3 Essential Catering Dishes for Your Luau-Themed Party June 20, 2019

3 Essential Catering Dishes for Your Luau-Themed Party, Ewa, Hawaii

If you’re hosting a luau-themed party this summer, catering traditional Hawaiian food is essential to create an authentic experience. Here are a few favorite dishes to get you started.

3 Luau-Themed Catering Dishes to Serve

1. Lomi Salmon

This traditional side dish consists of salted, shredded salmon mixed with chopped Maui onions, tomatoes, and scallions. The salmon is first cured with salt, spices, and seasonings like cilantro or sugar, then wrapped up and refrigerated or soaked in water for 24 hours. The salmon is sliced or shredded into small pieces and mixed with the diced vegetables. The refreshing juices and crunch of the vegetables complements the salty flavor. The dish is best served cold. Its strong flavor balances the simplicity of poi at luaus.

2. Kalua Pig

catering-lavernesThe kalua cooking method is a centerpiece of a luau. It involves cooking a whole pig in an underground oven called an imu. Firewood is set ablaze in the pit, then stones are placed on top—they are the heating element that will cook the pig. The pig is wrapped up with ti leaves and banana leaves, which help maintain the meat’s moisture. The pig can then cook anywhere between 12 hours and two days. Once fully cooked, the meat is shredded. The hardwood smoke and the steam off the ti and banana leaves impart a delicious, deep flavor.

3. Squid Luau

Squid luau consists of squid or octopus, taro leaves, coconut milk, Hawaiian salt, water, and garlic. The leaves are blanched and dried. The squid is sliced into rings, then sauteed with the taro leaves and remaining ingredients. The finished dish resembles creamed spinach in appearance with a rich flavor profile ranging from buttery to sweet.


If you’re looking for catering services for your luau-themed party, turn to Laverne’s of Waipahu, HI. Serving authentic Hawaiian cuisine, including kalua pig, mahi mahi, and lau lau, this family-owned and -operated business brings over 20 years of experience to customers. Explore their full menu online. To schedule catering services, call (808) 551-8214 today. You can also connect on Facebook to receive news, deals, and updates, and follow their Waikele Shopping Center lunch wagon on Instagram.